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American football is more than just a game, it's about good friends, good times and good food. Now here's the first, the premiere snack stadium kit! In development since 2013, Taste of the Stadium is the perfect solution for any game day or sports themed party.


An easy to assemble version of popular snackadiums. A disposable party tray shaped like a football stadium, it is uniquely designed with certain features to make it easy for you to have a festive party set-up, anywhere fast. The field is sized for a standard 13"x9" pan, or a standard sized sheet cake. Each corner is sized perfectly to hold the standard sized dip, salsa or deli container. Bowls and squares containers fit fine too. Each section of the stands holds a standard sized loaf pan. After you assemble the stadium, add your favorite food choices and you're ready for your family and guests. It fits on a dining table, picnic table or a tailgate. Fully assembled size is 35"x31". It's made of high-quality dense cardboard and bio-degradable. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and food-safe. You can save it for another day, recycle it or throw it away.


Whether you're supporting your local, college or professional team, or having a Fantasy Football event, Taste of the Stadium is perfect for all game day festivities and sports events. And it's a great way to celebrate a birthday for sports fans of any age. The tray is large enough for the cake, party favors, plates and napkins.


We hope you like it. It will be the talk of your party!


Food is not included. Assembly is required. Instructions included.

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